Nap Zapper Anti-sleep Alarm Driver Alert Drowsy Awake                                                  




  • Gently beeps to wake you if your head nods forward
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Battery operated. Batteries included
  • Optional built in LED reading light

Product Description

The Driver Alert sleep warning device helps prevent fatigue related automobile accidents. If you start to nod off while         you are driving and your head tilts forward, the Driver Alert will sound an alert to wake you up before disaster strikes.  This lightweight device fits behind your ear comfortably, even if you wear glasses. If you ride the bus or the train it is       especially important that you do not fall asleep while waiting for transportation to arrive or even during your trip.           Muggers and pick-pockets look for easy prey like that. Use a driver alert to help you stay awake and alert to your         surroundings. Do you ever have trouble staying awake while trying to read a book or watching the late show? Driver Alert is the answer! Button cells battery included. Warning: Never drive when you know you are sleepy. Pull over and get proper rest. Do not rely on driver alert to keep you awake when you are tired.