Coveralls Zipper front with storm flap, attached hood, elastic wrists, face and ankles.

Fabric Description

Tychem® TK - a patented limited-use fabric consisting of multiple barrier films laminated to both sides of a tough substrate material. Tychem® TK provides one of the broadest ranges of chemical protection available, successfully tested against more than 260 chemicals.

Color: High-Visibility Lime Yellow

Seam Type

Taped -  A very strong seam produced when a sewn seam is covered with a strip of compatible material. The strip is attached by heat-sealing as with film laminated materials.


Tyvek® is a leading fabric for protective garments

From lead and asbestos abatement to spray painting to food processing, Tyvek® garments have long been the fi rst choice in protection for very good reasons. Tyvek® is an inherent barrier to particles less than 1 micron in size. Protection is built into the fabric itself. There are no films or laminates to abrade or wear away. In fact, tests prove the Tyvek® barrier is more than twice as durable as microporous fi lm or SMS fabrics.

The fit you want


Professionals told us what they want in a protective garment. And they all agree, garments should fit better and not limit job performance.  That’s why every Tyvek® garment with the comfort fit design:

  • Enables a greater range of movement while stretching and bending
  • Improves mobility with more room throughout the back
  • Provides a more tailored fi t and better overall comfort
  • Is easier to get on and take off
  • Is reinforced in high stress areas for fewer blowouts

Protection that lets you breathe a little easier

Whether you’re working hard or standing still, your body generates heat and moisture vapor. The problem is that some garments don’t breathe.  They trap the heat and moisture that can lead to heat stress. Heat stress not only makes you uncomfortable it compromises safety.  Tyvek® breathes. It’s six times more breathable than microporous film fabrics. And that helps reduce the risk of heat stress, so you’re more comfortable, more productive and safer.


2/Case. Price is per case.