pura - fit foam earplugs must be fitted and worn correctly to provide effective protection. Conult your supervisor an audiologist before wearing. wash or clean hands before use.

  • ROLL & COMPRESS with clean hands, hold earplug between thumb and forefingeras shown. Roll and progressively compress the entire tapered end of the earplug to a small wrinkle-free cylinder.
  • INSERT to ensure fitting, reach hand over head and gently pull ear upward and outward as shown. Insert compressed, tapered end of earplug well inside ear canal. Hold 30-60 seconds until earplug expands. Release, then push in again for 5 seconds to ensure fit.
  • CORRECT FIT when properly inserted, the bottom edge of earplug is located at the opening of the ear canal.
  • INCORRECT FIT a portion of the earplug not in the ear canal will reduce effectiveness.
  • USER FIT CHECK in a noisy enviroment with eaplugs inserted, cup hands over both ears and release. if the earplugs are inserted correctly, you should not notice a significant difference in attenuation. if a proper fit has not been obtained, move to a quiet area and repeat fitting instructions.
  • EARPLUG REMOVAL remove earplug slowly. Use a gentle twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Rapid removal may damage eardrum.