PIG MAT #135



  • Eight layers of 100% polypropylene are thermally bonded to make PIG Mat the strongest mat on the market; won't rip, tear or fray even when saturated
  • Exclusive dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout mat for faster, easier cleanup
  • Highly absorbent, fine-fiber construction won't leave liquids or fiber residue behind
  • Absorbs and retains oils, coolants, solvents and water
  • Dark gray color hides grime so mat stays on the job longer
  • Flame-resistant material won't burn immediately like cellulose mats; melts when exposed to high heat while on the job
  • Can be wrung out and incinerated after use to reduce waste or for fuels blending
  • Dispenser box makes it easy to take, carry and store your mat while protecting it from dirt and moisture
  • Pads are ideal for catching drips and soaking up spills
  • Easy-tear perforations let you take only what you need so you use less mat and save money
  • Light-weight construction is ideal for small tasks and cleanups



Color:   Gray

Dimensions: 15" W x 20" L

Mat Weight:  Light-weight

Fluids Absorbed:  Oils, Coolants, Solvents & Water

Recycled Content: 50% Recycled Content

Absorbency: Up to 22 gal. per box

Absorbency per:  Up to 14 oz. per pad

Dispenser:  Yes

Perforated: Centered Lengthwise

Poly-Backing:  No

UV Resistant: No

Sold as: 200 pads per box

Weight: 18 lbs.

# per Pallet: 30

Composition: 100% Polypropylene